Tarpon Fishing

Tarpon Fishing Key West

Let The Key West Fishing Team at Dream Catcher Charters take you fishing for the Silver King.  The aerobatic Tarpon is one of the most desirous fish for the sport fisherman.  Ranging in size from 20 pounds to 200 pounds, these fish can really give you a workout. Tarpon fishing is not only exciting for flats fishermen but also to those fishermen suffering from seasickness that still want to go out there and catch a BIG fish without the big water. Key West is a premier Tarpon fishing destination and has larger numbers of these fish than anywhere else on the planet.  What better place to come and fish for these monsters.  And remember, bow to the king!

How we Fish

We use very light gear and super sharp hooks to fight the king.  This intensifies the fight for you and makes for a very exciting day on the water.  We use a combination of live bait and artificials to ensure every style fisherman feels comfortable and that we are prepared to put whatever type of meal the fish is looking for in front of his face. Whether you are most comfortable spin fishing, using bait casters, or you are fly fishing, we have the gear so you can get the fish.

Where We Fish For Tarpon

This depends on many factors such as water temperature, feeding paterns, tide movements, moon phases, and migratortial routes. Primarily we fish for tarpon in the backcountry waters of Key West. This includes the Key West harbor, the flats of Key West and the channels of the backcountry.

Boats we use for Tarpon fishing

Flats boats for 2 or less are popular among the shallow water enthusiaists and dedicated fly fishermen. Bay boats are by far the most popular for tarpon fishing able to fsih 4 or less very comfortably in all arenas, Flats and Backcountry. twin engine center console fishing boats are a great way to fish the Key West harbor effectivly with heavier tackle for brute fish for 6 persons or less. Please see our rates page for more details about pricing of the different types of boats we offer here at The Key West Fishing Team for tarpon fishing.

When to Fish

Winter (January – April)

January marks the beginning of Tarpon season with monstrous migratory Gulf fish coming our way with the cold fronts. Things really heat up though around the end of February and beginning of March when the harbor just becomes loaded with these fish.  Booking trips early for  this time period is imperative.

Spring (April – June)

This time of year Tarpon are still in the harbor and moving to the flats.  This time of year give the most opportunities to both fly fishermen and spin fishermen alike.

Summer (June – September)

This is a great time of year for fly fishermen targeting tarpon as these fish are up on the flats and ready to eat as are their SLAM companions, bonefish and permit).  It is hot, hot, hot this time of year so we suggest ¾ day trips.

Fall (September – December)

We still have some baby tarpon laying around this time of year.  However, because of the constant weather pattern changes things are really hit or miss. Those fishing with live bait will have better luck during this time.