Come to Key West for great bonefishing action. Fishing with The Key West Fishing Team anglers enjoy ample shots and many releases of bone fish during the season. Key West and the Marquesas are loaded with these trophies of the flats. Sight fishing for them is a blast.

We have redefined flats fishing making it for everyone. We also have the best boats, your choice beteween a Yellowfin 24 ft center console bay boat or our state of the art 20 ft flats boats. Both are super dry and comfortable rides and offer you the very best in shallow water fish a bility. The Key West Fishing Team offers you an unparalelled experience as we have taken guide bonefishing trips to the next level.

Bonefishing For Everyone.

No matter your skill, age, sex or disfunction we will get you the shots you deserve on a great day of bonefishing out of Key West by offering you the latest in fishing gear made for everyone left or right handed. State of the art fishing line and leaders with nothing but the best in Owner Hooks. All of our gear is brand new always as we work with major manufacturers to keep it that way. Nothing but the best for our clients here that fish with us.

Seasons For Bonefishing

November – February

We catch bonefish on our backcountry trips regularly when we are fishing the deeper waters in the channels where we know that they go when the waters get cooler. This is a great time for folks to add bonefishing to their list of things they would like to do on thier backcountry fishing trip but not the best time for bonefishing exclusively. Traditionally we cannot sight fish for bonefish this time of the year.

March – July

Traditionally the bonefish come back up on the flats and in the shallows as the waters get warmer. They are also in the shallower sloughs and troughs offering a jig casters dream. Catch one after another on the right tide with little or no experience. For the sight fisherman this is a bit more challenging time

Bonefishing can be a specialized sport offering the sight fisherman a challenge against his skill with a fly rod or spinning tackle. Call the office of the Key West Fishing team and see what is the right fishing charter for you.