Wreck And Reef

Key West Wreck And Reef Fishing (Light Tackle Fishing)

The waters of the Florida Keys and Key West are not only home to the only living coral reef in the continental USA and That makes for incredible fishing, but it is literally filled with wrecks that play home to several different fish species. The time is now to explore some of these fabulous fishing grounds for yourself here with The Key West Fishing Team.

Permit – Cobia – Huge Barracudas – Goliath Groupers – Amberjacks – Jack Crevale – Black Grouper – Mangrove Snappers- Mutton Snappers – Blackfin Tuna – Yellowtail Snappers – Kingfish – Mackerel – Sailfish – Hogfish – Dolphin – Red Snapper – Wahoo – Sharks.

The Key West Fishing Team of Dream Catcher Charters are Federally licnesed and permitted to fish the waters of the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico and the World Famous Dry Tortugas so wherever the fish are so are we!

Wreck and Reef Light Tackle Fishing Charters

Welcome aboard the Intense, Key West Fishing Team’s new 32’ Yellowfin Yachts Center Console, will get you out quickly and comfortably to the fishing areas for your 4, 6, or 8 hour charter.  Or, go for a long day out of it fishing the Dry Tortugas on our 10 hour trip.  On this fishing charter our clients have the choice of using conventional and spinning gear with live bait, jigs, and lures to entice the fish in addition to chumming for certain species. Trolling, Kit fishing, and fly fishing may also be used for certain species that require a different presentation to eat. This type of fishing charter lends itself to being able to catch and kill many, many  fish. However, as ethical anglers our goal is not to fill the box.  We are happy to catch many, many fish and kill some fish without overharvesting. The clients that we fish are entitled to every fish we catch although the captain appreciates a fillet or two for dinner. Catch and Release is practiced where applicable.

Wreck and Reef Fishing Seasons

Winter (December – April)

Kingfish reaching up to 60 lbs. can be found in great numbers in the Gulf and the Atlantic waters and are great fun to catch on live bait, fly fishing and artificials. This time of year huge schools of Bluefish, Bonito and Jack Crevales also frequent our waters. On the reef sailfish become active while Grouper and Snapper fishing with artificials  and with live bait is awesome. Winter months can be windy; however, this is typically not a detriment to the fishing.

Spring (May – July)

Kingfish are still around and Sailfish season is in full swing.  During the full moons expect great snapper fishing. The permit are still spawning offshore on the reef until  May. Dolphin start to show up around this time too making it probably the most productive time for a really well rounded offshore charter. Because it still gets very windy during this time we may fish the harbor for the monster migratory tarpon that are traveling through or target some real monster – SHARKS!

Summer (August – October)

Dolphin fishing is our mainstay this time of year. However, for those wanting something different deep dropping is an excellent way to go to get some huge action and great table fare too. The reef is abundant with Yellowtails and the wrecks in the Gulf are stacked with grouper. Shark and barracuda fishing is a blast this time of year.
Fall (November – December) – Tuna and Wahoo fishing on the reef with live bait and fly fishing is stellar in the fall. Kingfish start to show up again and a sailfish or two can be found lingering on the reef.