Catching Bait in the Backcountry

Key West Bait

Bait is the Key To a Great Day Fishing

Here at Dream Catcher Charters we believe a variety of bait will result in a better day of fishing. Of course we are stocked to the gills with plugs, spoons, jigs, frozen, and artificial baits. But what about live baiting? Well we are here to help. There are 3 great ways  to get live bait.

1.) Trapping your baits, this is a great way to catch your bait before you hit your spots every morning. Start off by purchasing a few weighted traps and load them up with some frozen sardines. The best thing to do is to rip your frozen baits in half to start a nice scent. This will tend to result in vast amounts of pin fish.

2.) Catching baits with Sabiki Rigs, this is a great way to catch fresh bait with your anglers. Load your sabiki rigs hooks with little pieces of bait. Lift then lower your rod tip sharply, repeating this motion until you feel a hit. It’s not uncommon to catch 5 or 6 pin fish each cast with this technique.

3.) Using a cast net to catch bait. I’m sure you’ve seen it before, people use cast nets daily to catch there fresh baits for a great day of fishing. Unfortunately this way does take some skill. Throwing a cast net can be chanllenging but nothing should be more rewarding to an angler then to learn the tricks of the trade. So get your Traps, Cast nets, and Sabiki Rigs ready. Get out there, catch some fish, and live the dream.

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