A Boy and His Barracuda

Seven year old Ben and his dad went fishing with us this week on one of our signature fishing charters called the “Shallow Water Monsters Tour“. One of our backcountry fishing charters that focuses on anything with teeth, and that includes Sharks! This day was no different as Ben tackled a nice sized toothy barracuda that was longer than he is tall. Quite a feat for a little guy that is only 7 years old.

Bens Barracuda caught with Dream Catcher Charters

Bens Barracuda caught with Dream Catcher CharterSeven year old Ben and his father set out of Key West in the morning on a Dream Catcher Charters signature fishing trip called the “shallow water monsters tour” . This charter specialize in catching a variety of fish that are on the toothy end of the spectrum including sharks and leave our anglers sore and worn out.

The process is the circle of life.. Use a little bait to catch the big bait, the big bait bleeds and then the sharks come in and finish off the top of the food chain. The whole trip is a blast in 4, 6, or 8 hour lengths on board our state of the art bay boats.

On this day veteran Key West fishing guide Capt. Rich took Ben and his Dad through the Backcountry of Key West in search for the most fun possible.

Ben hooked up on a NICE 40+ inch barracuda and fought it till he go it in. There was little doubt in Ben’s mind that he would win the tug of war battle as the barracuda was fighting for its life.  The alternative was certainly bad as he was most definitely going to be shark bait.

Barracudas are a blast on light tackle spinning gear. Explosive bone crushing hits coupled with extremely fast runs and good stamina make the barracuda the number one sport fish of the Florida Keys. More barracudas are mounted than any other sport fish. If you saw their teeth you would see why.. Impressive.

Ben stands next to his prize Barracuda

Ben stands next to his prize Barracuda


Barracuda are not all that was being caught in the Backcountry. Captain Kelso had a 4lb Trout which is great for this time of year. Captain Steven Lamp was out  flats fishing and sighted tailing redfish and bonefish.

But Ben’s day was the highlight, he had quite the skill behind the rod, landing a big Black Tip and Nurse Shark. With so much heat pulling on the rods Captain Rich gave Ben the battle belt,  that gave him the edge over his fish.

Backcountry fishing is a great way to go for fishing many different fun fighting species and not get sea sick. We are always in Calm clear beautiful waters.

To learn more about our backcountry fishing trips just call the office here. Island Genn and myself (radar) are always here to help. 

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